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Why so many people use cargo cover


Many 2 car and suv original factories are not equipped with curtains or partition plates. Not only is the space not fully utilized, but the effect is not beautiful. The biggest problem is that the back will be seen, greatly increasing the risk of window burglary. Although some cars have a partition plate, when the large baggage is placed, the trunk door cannot be closed. Today, let me introduce you to the function of the Cargo Cover.

1. Covering the messy luggage, daily necessities, computers and the like in the trunk of the car, the car is neat and beautiful... comfortable! Female car owners who love beauty can also put some less heavy ornaments on them, such as Flowing rabbits and the like..... Beautiful and beautiful!

2. When the car is parked in the parking lot, it will quietly protect the objects you put in the car. The abhorrent lawless can't see the harvest that he might get from the glass window....Reducing accidental losses, insurance Reduce the incidence of crime, justice!

3. Fuel-saving, now the price of oil is so expensive, when you open the air-conditioning, the curtain is opened, and the space for cooling is suddenly reduced by a quarter. The result is: saving fuel and saving money, environmental protection!

4.When it is necessary to enable the luggage compartment to be loaded with large objects, the curtain can be quietly turned on, without occupying the owner's position, saving space, practical! Unlike the hard-to-cold shelter, it is inconvenient, when loading large luggage, I don't know where to go and find it.


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